Wie wähle ich einen persönlichen Tracker aus?
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Wie wähle ich einen persönlichen Tracker aus?

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Personal trackers are widely used to control the whereabouts of children and the elderly. Then there are things like highway patrol, valuable cargo tracking, tracking and attendance dispatch, etc. Since personal trackers have such a wide range of applications, how should you, as an ordinary consumer, choose a personal tracker? Here is the list.

Here is the content list:

  • Appearance

  • Features

  • Hardware configuration

  • Monitoring platform


As with all electronic products, the appearance of the product is a primary factor when purchasing a personal tracker. The style design, material selection, and fineness of workmanship are all things we should consider. Imagine if a product cannot even guarantee the outside, and how to talk about the internal how high.


I want to highlight to you that the more functions of the personal tracker are not the better, instead, the simpler functions of the product performance are more stable. So, when buying must be based on their own needs. Do not arbitrarily listen to the recommendations of the sales staff, blindly purchase after the discovery of a large number of features but none of them can be used. Also note that the function support is not the same as having, many of the product features are achieved through external expansion devices. So, in the purchase, as far as possible, let the sales staff will support the function of the product in detail, if possible, to do a demonstration on the spot, and then buy after having a first-hand experience.

Hardware configuration

The same personal tracker hardware configuration is also a key point of purchase. The use of several generations of GPS chips, GPS antenna, positioning time for how much, battery capacity, support for the network standard, etc. are necessary to understand. If consumers do not understand these professional parameters of the product, you can let the sales staff explain and compare the introduction to determine the configuration of their chosen machine. If you have the conditions, you can also do your homework before buying, before the product parameters of the terminology to do an understanding.

Monitoring platform

Personal tracker products are dependent on a strong and stable service monitoring platform to achieve the normal use of the machine. GPS positioning, location query, key distress, vehicle monitoring, track query, etc. need to log in to the monitoring platform to operate, once the platform failure, all users in the hands of the positioning products will be no use. Therefore, when we buy a personal tracker, in addition to the quality, function, and configuration of the machine itself, the most important thing is to examine how the monitoring platform service capability of the product.

Megastek Technologies Ltd recommends you be able to read the above selection tips before buying a personal tracker so that you can buy the right product. Our company has a professional R&D team and professional after-sales service, we believe that you can buy our products without any worries. Welcome to contact us.

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