Das Tracking-Prinzip von Health Care Tracker
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Das Tracking-Prinzip von Health Care Tracker

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The health care tracker can receive time information accurate to nanoseconds that can be used for timing, and is used to predict the approximate position of the satellite in the next few months; the broadcast ephemeris used to calculate the satellite coordinates required for positioning, The accuracy is from a few meters to tens of meters (each satellite is different and changes at any time); and GPS information, such as satellite status, etc. Finally, to achieve the purpose of detecting people's physical conditions, what is the tracking principle of the health care tracker? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • When the health care tracker is statically positioned

  • For the structure of the health care tracker

When the health care tracker is statically positioned

In static positioning, the health care tracker is fixed in the process of capturing and tracking GPS satellites. The receiver measures the propagation time of GPS signals with high precision and uses the known position of GPS satellites in orbit to calculate the position of the receiver antenna. Three-dimensional coordinates. Dynamic positioning is to use a GPS receiver to determine the trajectory of a moving object. The moving object where the health care tracker is located is called the carrier (such as a sailing ship, an airplane, a walking vehicle, etc.). The GPS receiver antenna on the carrier moves relative to the earth in the process of tracking GPS satellites. The health care tracker uses GPS signals to measure the state parameters (instant three-dimensional position and three-dimensional velocity) of the moving carrier in real-time. Finally, the purpose of detecting the effect of human health is achieved.

For the structure of the health care tracker

The receiver hardware, internal software, and GPS data post-processing software package constitute a complete GPS user equipment. The structure of the health care tracker is divided into two parts: an antenna unit and a receiving unit. For geodetic receivers, the two units are generally divided into two independent components. The antenna unit is placed on the measuring station during observation, and the health care tracker receiving unit is placed in an appropriate place near the measuring station, and the two units are connected by a cable. Are connected to a complete machine. Some also make the antenna unit and the receiving unit as a whole and place them on the measuring site during observation.

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